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Sensor Cleaning Brush - LED and Spinning by Micnova
Model : MQ-MB100

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Sensor Cleaning Brush - LED and Spinning by Micnova
The Micnova MQ-100 Static Electricity Sensor Cleaning Brush is a fast and efficient tool for cleaning your sensor. During the daily use of digital cameras, the sensor is inevitably exposed to the atmosphere, especially when changing a lens. As a result, impurities in the air stay on the sensor. To get clear dust free images, these impurities must be removed by a dusting tool. Quite often a blower isn?t enough and you don?t really need a wet cleaning. This is where the economical but powerful MQ-MB100 fits” The bristles are statically charged by spinning around in the air which also dislodges any dust picked up in previous cleanings. In addition, with the 4 super bright LED lights, the operator can see clearly while doing the cleaning.
  • 4 bright LEDs
  • Travel Friendly
  • Uses 2 AAA Bateries (not included)
  • Good on all sizes of digital camera sensors.
  • One year factory warranty