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OptiVISOR Professional Series Set

OptiVISOR Professional Series Set
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OptiVISOR Professional Series Set

The OptiVISOR Professional Series Set includes the OptiVISOR, six lenses, the OptiLOUPE, the VisorLIGHT and a carrying case.
Lenses included:

  • #2: Magnifies 1.5x at 20"
  • #3: Magnifies 1.75x at 14"
  • #4: Magnifies 2x at 10"
  • #5: Magnifies 2.5x at 8"
  • #7: Magnifies 2.75x at 6"
  • #10: Magnifies 3.5x at 4"

The OptiVISOR is a precision binocular headband magnifier that allows for unrestricted efficiency while reducing eye strain, leaving both hands free, and allowing for three-dimensional vision. Perfect for anyone whose profession or craft requires close, accurate work. Can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses.

OptiVISOR is equipped with these unique features:

  • Optical glass prismatic lenses are ground and polished to precision optical standards.
  • Adjustable pivots allow the visor to be tilted out of the way when not needed and at your fingertips when you need magnification.
  • The adjustable headband conforms to fit all head sizes and is fabricated from a special blend lightweight material to be comfortable when worn for long periods of time.
  • The high-impact visor provides a tough, durable, always-new appearance.
  • Genuine leather comfort band is padded with orthopedic felt.
The OptiLOUPE is an attachable lens that adds the additional power of an eye loupe to the OptiVISOR. Designed for monocular use, the OptiLOUPE easily flips up or down and provides additional 2.5x magnification. Attaches to either eye of any OptiVISOR magnifier.
The VisorLIGHT is a unique lightweight battery-powered light that illuminates a magnified viewing area. It easily clips onto the visor of most headband binocular magnifiers. The light adjusts up or down.


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