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TEKTON 11in Nail Claw
Model : MIT-3310

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TEKTON 11in Nail Claw

TEKTON 11” Nail Claw

Every home remodeling job requires removing old and rusty nails. The TEKTON 11-Inch Nail Claw makes the job easy. Constructed from a solid hex bar stock that is drop forged, hardened steel, this nail puller is strong enough to get out even the most stubborn nail. Nail removing head has a 90 Degree angle paw with deep “Vin. nail slot that can grab a wide variety of nail sizes. A non-slip cushioned handle grip makes it comfortable to use. TEKTON?Tools You Need.
  • Drop Forged Hardened Steel Construction
  • Made from Solid Hex Bar Stock
  • Contoured Non-Slip Rubber Handle Grip
  • 90 Degree Angle Paw with Deep V Nail Slot Grabs Nails
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Manufactured In:CN