Pliers - Wubbers, Narrow Flat Nose, 3mm

  • $25.95

Wubbers Classic Narrow Flat Nose Pliers are especially useful when making sharp bends in wire or when working with small- to medium-sized jump rings. A great multi-purpose pair of pliers, you can use them for holding, adjusting, bending, and moving wire sizes12- to 28-gauge. The silky smooth, hand-finished edges help prevent marring and the matte finish inside the jaws holds securely.
  • 6.5” long with a 3mm wide jaw at the tip
  • Padded handles are comfortable, give plenty of leverage and control
  • Long handles feel substantial in your hand, providing leverage without the bulk
  • Can be used with any gauge wire, even 12 and 14 gauge
  • Cushioned, green handles that fit perfectly and naturally; Smooth-action springs
SKU: PLR-1236
UPC: 654207179900
BRAND: Wubbers
MPN: PLR-1236
Manufactured In: PK