Optivisor Replacement Lens (Optical Glass)

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Replacement lens for Optivisor. 

  • Optical glass prismatic lenses: Ground and polished to precision optical standards—bevel edged and mounted in an interchangeable plastic frame

Order OptiVISOR® in any of these six lens options:


As seen by
normal vision


Item No. LP-2


Item No. LP-3


Item No. LP-4


Item No. LP-5


Item No. LP-7


Item No. LP-10


OptiLOUPE Option
Item No. LP1


    OptiVISOR Lens Specs

    Item No. Focal Length Magnification
    LP-2      20″ 1.5 times
    LP-3      14″ 1.75 times
    LP-4      10″ 2 times
    LP-5       8″ 2.5 times
    LP-7       6″ 2.75 times
    LP-10       4″ 3.5 times


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