Durston - Olivia™ C130 Rolling Mill (Combination) 1035

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The new Olivia™ C130 Rolling Mill, Unique Patent pending 50-1 Gearbox, this revolutionary design makes rolling so much easier, the new easy glide gearbox allows for an even wider range of people to operate a rolling mill with ease.

Standing or sitting this rolling mill is a joy to use for all abilities and of course still offers all the quality you would expect from Durston.

UK Patent Pending # 2010974.0
International Patent Pending # PCT/EP2021/068551

Olivia ™ C130 Combination Rolling Mill

  • Operated with ease standing or sitting using the front turning wheel
  • 50-to-1 reduction gearbox
  • Side extension with 4 half round grooves (4 to 1.5mm)
  • 11 Square wire rolling grooves (Main Roll)
  • Flat rolling area 75mm (Main Roll)
  • Roll diameter 60mm
  • Roll width 130mm ( 75mm / 55mm)

As with all of our Rolling Mills the Olivia™ features a solid single cast body, induction hardened rolls and our classic highly calibrated adjustment wheel ensuring a lifetime of rolling with professional results.

The 50-1 gearbox making it that much easier to Roll out material. – It will take 50 turns of the handwheel to turn the rolls once. The gearbox and handwheel has been designed to work together to make turning so much easier. The specially designed Patent Pending gearbox along with the inertia of the handwheel means you can turn the handwheel up to 10 times as quick as a standard rolling mill with a 4-1 reduction

The Olivia™ C130 is a Combination Rolling Mill designed for flat metals, wire and and half round wire (using the side extension). Durston Rolling Mills are proven to be solid, reliable workhorses in many jewellers’ workshops and factories offering years of service. The Oliva™ C130 is no exception.

Whats special about Olivia™?

  • Apart from the obvious 50-1 gearbox making it that much easier to roll out material.
  • Now you can sit down using a Rolling Mill. – or stand up. Whatever you prefer.
  • Great for people with bad backs, disabilities, or those who find it difficult to move around or stand up for long periods.
  • Increased productivity. Now you can move from the bench to Rolling Mill without standing up and moving across the room.
  • More compact. All one unit without the need for additional turning space.
  • Now you can place your Rolling Mill anywhere along the bench to suit you. No need to place it at the end.
  • It’s not just a Durston. Its an “Olivia Durston”

The Olivia™ Story…

Trade shows can be a great place for thinking of ways to improve, meeting jewellers to discuss their needs, and coming up with ideas for new products.


Whilst exhibiting at the Vicenza TGold exhibition in Italy during January 2019, Matthew Durston, Owner of Durston Tools was as usual thinking about Rolling Mills, and asking himself these very questions… (Matthew age 5 pictured)

How can we make it easier for jewellers to roll out material?
How can we make it easier for people with disabilities or people who find it harder to stand up and use a Rolling Mill?
How can we make it easier for the skilled and hobby jeweller to be working at the bench alongside a Rolling Mill without walking across the room or needing to stand?
How can we make a compact Rolling Mill where you don’t need that extra space turning the side handle?

Welcome to The Olivia™ 130.

Olivia’s 50-1 gearbox was designed by our own skilled engineers and design team.

Olivia has gone through months of tests and we are proud to say that we have, once again, invented a Rolling Mill designed to last a lifetime.

Following on from Durston Tools’ ethos of creating the very best products for Jewellers around the globe, we are proud to be the leading manufacturer of Rolling Mills and Forming Tools selling to dealers Globally.

Durston Tools are unique due to the way we manufacture, from CNC turning, CNC milling, Hardening, CNC Cylindrical Grinding, Gear Cutting and Powder Coating, all from our factory in High Wycombe, United Kingdom.

Following such an important step in this Rolling Mill revolution and after 21 months of work to create this amazing new product we now have a Patent pending. UK Patent pending number 2010974.0 International Patent pending number PCT/EP2021/068551

Why name it Olivia™?width=215

It’s easy. In the testing stage Olivia Durston (Matthew’s Daughter) would play / use the Rolling Mill. Olivia who was 12 years old at the time and weighed around 50Ibs (23kg) could still roll out material with ease and no additional assistance. Proving that anyone could use this innovative new design of Rolling Mill. The Olivia™ was born…

Welcome again to Olivia™!

WEIGHT 70 kg













4, 3, 2, 1.5mm

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