Durston TUI 130 130mm Combination & Flat double sided - 110 Volt

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Durston Tools is the market leader in precision rolling mills and no wonder; the TUI 130 Double-Sided Power Mill is constructed from cast iron for optimal strength and rigidity. The TUI powered rolling mill range creates the same quality and output you expect from Durston Tools but at a lower cost. Where it matters the same components are used from the Core DRM range, such as the actual mills, rolls and casting gears. The cost savings are made by replacing the steel gearbox with an aluminium one, replacing the cast iron plate and main guard with steel instead and by having one central emergency stop button. As with all Durston Tools powered mills, the TUI double sided 130 has variable speeds, as standard, in forward and reverse plus four sets of extension rollers securely stored behind black guards. The rolls themselves provide a dedicated flat rolling side, with a width of 130mm and a maximum roll thickness of 6mm, and a dedicated square groove wire rolling side, providing 19 grooves from 10mm to 1mm to create a perfect finish every time. The 1.1KW motor offers consistent power through the lifetime of the mill. Digitally controlled variable speeds from 5 to 20 RPM means you have complete control over each roll and the side extensions provide for half rounds of 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1.5 mm for additional versatility. The same standards of production and manufacturing are applied to the TUI range as you have come to expect from Durston Tools’ range. Safety features include a central emergency stop button, safety bars at the front and rear of the mill, guards covering the extension rollers at both ends as well as guards covering the top gears.


Weight 200 kg
Product Weight (kg)


Product Length (mm)


Product Width (mm)


Product Height (mm)


Number of Grooves


Max. Sheet Thickness (mm)


Roller Type


Roller diameter (mm)


Roller Length (mm)


Side Extensions

1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8mm

Max. wire capacity (mm)



110V, 220V



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SKU: DUR-1090
UPC: 196943880141
Brand: Durston
MPN: 1090
Made In: United Kingdom

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