Foredom rotary tools & flexible shaft machines are built to industrial standards. Foredom is known for quality and reliability. Some people say Foredom – when they mean any Flexible Shaft Machine. Flex shafts are used for many jobs including grinding, deburring, carving, engraving, stone setting, and polishing on virtually any material. A complete Foredom flexible shaft machine has a motor that rotates a flexible shaft connected to a precision handpiece, plus – it needs a speed control adjustable by foot or hand.

Micromotors and bench lathes are other rotary tools that Foredom makes.

  • Micromotors have ‘micro-sized’ power tool motors inside of the handpiece and a cord connected to a control box that permit high speed operation – some prefer these to a flexible shaft. We even have a portable micomotor, powered by a lithium ion battery, that can be used on-the-go for hours.
  • Foredom bench lathes are powerful, compact and useful for many grinding, buffing and polishing applications.

Do you need help selecting the right kit to meet your needs? We have created a cheat sheet to show you the differences between the kits to make this task easier.

Download Our Cheat Sheet Here

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