Garland Weighted Rawhide Mallet, 2” Face, 3.5” Head, 25oz, Size 10

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This mallet is made of high grade rawhide excellent for flattening and shaping soft metals without marring. The handle is seasoned hickory and the heads are lead filled for extra weight and nice “dead blowin. which gives them greater striking efficiency for certain applications. Made in the USA. 1.00 lbs

  • Ideal for flattening and shaping soft metals without marring
  • Seasoned hickory handle; high grade rawhide mallet filled with lead for weight
  • Made in the USA
  • Face diameter is 2” with a head weight of 25 ounces
  • Weighted mallet means greater striking efficiency


SKU: G11010
UPC: 697622110103
BRAND: Garland
MPN: 11010
Made In: United States

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