Rotary Tool Accessories - Wooden Box, 100 Pc

Rotary Tool Accessories - Wooden Box, 100 Pc

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All acessories in this 100 piece set have a 1/8” shank and come in a wooden box. This set includes: 3pc High Speed Burrs; 2pc Diamond Bits; 10pc Assorted Mounted Stones; 3pc Brass Brushes (Cup, Pencil, Disc); 3pc Nylon Brushes (Cup, Pencil, Disc); 1pc 1/8” Mandrel; 1pc 7/8” Diamond Cut Off Wheel; 1pc Screw Mandrel; 1pc 7/8” Stainless Steel Saw Blade: 0.2mm Thick; 2pc Rubber Mandrels: ½”, ¼”; 10pc 1-½” Fiber Glass Cut-Off Wheels; 10pc ½” Sanding Bands; 5pc ¼” Sanding Bands; 36pc 1” Cut-Off Discs; 1pc White Polish Rouse; 1pc 5/8” x 5/8” x ¾” Silicon Carbide Stone; 5pc 1” Polishing Discs Without Mandrel; 5pc 5/16” Polishing Discs Without Mandrel.

  • * 100 Pieces
  • Assorted Points
  • Mounted Stones
  • Wheels Saws Mandrel Disc
  • Wool Disc and Sanding Sleeves


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UPC: 706569910070
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Made In: China

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