PepeLube Lubricant

PepeLube Lubricant

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PepeLube is the best available lubricant for jewelry applications. PepeLube provides a smooth cut by reducing friction and increasing control. PepeLube is attracted by heat, so the friction and resulting heat produced by saw blades, burs, files and other cutting tools actually draws PepeLube to the point of contact, resulting in a better finish. With PepeLube, your tools work faster, stay sharper and last longer.

  • For burs: Increases precision in drilling and grinding and reduces chatter
  • For files: Keeps files cutting clean and increases their cutting life by reducing wear on file surfaces
  • For saw blades: Reduces drag and binding during cutting. Blades cut smoother, resist breaking and last up to twice as long
  • For stamping and tap & die operations: Coats surfaces completely for efficient stamping
  • For gravers: Wipe your gravers with PepeLube every few cuts

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