Stabilant SL5 30ml, Kit Makes 30ml of Stabilant SL5/22A

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What is Stabilant SL5/22? Stabilant SL5/22 is an electrically active material which stays resident within a contact-pair, there enhancing conductivity without causing electrical leakage between adjacent contacts. Although Stabilant 22 does have a detergent action it is not sold as a cleaner, just as it has a good lubricant action but is not sold as a lubricant. Stabilant 22 is used to increase the reliability of contacts. Tenfold to one hundred-fold increases are not unusual. At the present time it is used in many different types of contacts, including card-edge connectors, D-type connectors, MIL-spec connectors, signal switches, etc.Stabilant 22 is an initially non-conductive amorphous-semiconductive polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropyline block polymer with a molecular weight of about 2800 that, when used in thin films between contacts, acts under the influence of the electrical field and switches to a conductive state. The electric field gradient at which this occurs is established during manufacture so that the material will remain normally non-conductive. Its switching speed is too slow to allow it to be used in the more traditional semiconductor applications; however, this means that signals at frequencies substantially above five cycles per hour will not be modulated by the switching characteristics of Stabilant 22.Thus, when applied to electromechanical contacts, Stabilant 22 provides the wide-bandpass connection reliability of a soldered joint without bonding the contacting surfaces together! In its undiluted form at room temperature, Stabilant 22 has the viscosity of medium-weight motor oil, although it thins out with increasing temperature, starting to decompose into the two polymers it is formed from at about 240 Deg. Celsius. It has a very low vapor pressure and therefore there is no appreciable loss of material from evaporation. It has been in some applications for more than fifteen years without renewal, and it is probably safe to say that in the majority of cases, the equipment on which it is used will be retired as obsolescent before the Stabilant must be renewed.Is Stabilant 22 reliable?Stabilant 22 is used in electronics where equipment failure can cost lives: equipment such as biomedical electronics in hospitals, and aircraft navigation and instrument landing systems. In one test we performed in public at trade shows, we ran a computer mother-board immersed in a clear plexiglass case, partially filled with Stabilant 22. This demonstration was quite effective in dispelling any doubts about the material potentially short-circuiting adjacent contacts.Because of Stabilant's exceptionally long shelf life and proven effectiveness in the prevention of system malfunctions, many more manufacturers are now specifying the use of this material in preventive maintenance programs. Stabilant 22 is being used to solve, as well as prevent, problems in such diverse fields as pulp and paper mills, oil fields, mining, railway operations, diving, marine electronics, and air-traffic control. Is Stabilant 22 hazardous?No, it has very low external toxicity although ingestion should be avoided. No skin reactions have ever been observed, and undiluted Stabilant 22 is of low flammability. In the United States, Stabilant 22 is not subject to the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA), nor is it reportable under SARA Title III.In what form is Stabilant 22 most useful?Stabilant 22 is packaged in 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml, and 20 ml quantities. The 5 ml”Field Kit” includes several applicator brushes and a 15 ml empty bottle for dilution with Isopropyl or Ethyl alcohol, if desired; the 10 ml and 20 ml sizes are packaged in bottles large enough to permit 4:1 dilution of the concentrate.Obviously, it is the concentrate that remains after the alcohol has evaporated that accomplishes the job. The alcohol is there just as a solvent to”carry” the concentrate into place. By diluting it, Stabilant can be applied to socketed IC's without removing them from their sockets. The concentrate, on the other hand, is often used as an insertion aid when inserting multiple-pin IC's into their sockets because of its lubricating properties. Just how much should be used?Normally, a film thickness of about 0.5 to 1 ml of the concentrate is more than enough. In other words, you want just enough to fill up the minute gaps within the contacts. When Stabilant 22 is used in diluted form, be sure to allow for the evaporation of the alcohol which forms 4/5ths of the volume.INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO MIX STABILANT 22S PUT THE BOTTLE ON THE TABLE AND ALLOW ALL OF THE STABILANT 22 CONCENTRATE TO FLOW TO THE BOTTOM. LET IT STAND ABOUT 10 MINUTES OR MORE IF NECESSARY. OPEN THE BOTTLE AND WIGGLE OR SNAP OUT THE DROPPER TIP. PUT THIS IN A SAFE PLACE BECAUSE IT WILL BE REINSERTED INTO THE BOTTLE. ADD THE DILUENT OF YOUR CHOICE (EITHER 99 percent ISOPROPL ALCOHOL OR PURE ETHANOL) in a 4:1 ratio. FOR THE 50mL BOTTLE OF 22S ADD ONLY 40mL OF THE DILUENT. THERE ARE 10mL OF STABILANT 22 in the bottle already. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A GRADUATED BEAKER OR TEST TUBE THAT HAS THE MARKINGS FOR milliliters USE A RULER AND MARK OFF ON THE BOTTLE 4 times THE AMOUNT OF STABILANT 22 INSIDE IT. THEN ADD YOUR DILUENT TO REACH THE MARK. THIS SHOULD GIVE YOU THE 4:1 ratio. Do you need some 99 percent Isopropyl Alcohol?We do have it

  • Kit Makes 30ml of Standard Motor Products SL-5 Lubricant
  • Recomended by VW and Other Auto Manufacturers
  • Used by Avionics Pros


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