Cutters - Tronex Oval Head, Semi-Relief, Flush Edges (Long Ergonomic Handles)

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Oval head cutters are perfect for a variety of projects. With more material in the head than taper cutters, they are stronger and can handle heavier duty wire. This cutter handles beading wire with ease and can be used for many types of jewelry projects. The cut is flush and clean and will maintain it’s cutting edge for a very long time. However, if you are doing a lot of wire work, see our Razor Flush® version of these versatile cutters. Head width is .37” (9.5mm) at the widest point. Maximum cutting capacity is 16 AWG copper wire.
  • Standard Handle Length
  • Sturdy oval head, flush cutting edges
  • High quality bearing ring lap joint design ensures superior performance
  • Made in the USA from high grade alloy steel, individually tested to ensure top performance.
  • Recommended gauge usage: 18 gauge and finer Tips: 20 gauge and finer. (never use memory wire)
SKU: TRO-7112
UPC: 014891160378
BRAND: Tronex
MPN: 7112
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