Pliers - Baby Wubbers, Chain Nose

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Baby Wubbers Chain Nose Pliers have fine tips that work great in tight spots or with lighter-gauge wire. These delicate but sturdy hand-finished pliers are especially suited for finer, more detailed work and they work well with wire gauges ranging from 18 to 30. The silky smooth, hand-finished edges help prevent marring and the matte finish inside the jaws holds securely.
  • Total Length of Pliers: 5.0”. Width of the Jaw at the Tip: 1.0mm.
  • Lengths of Jaws from Tip to Box Joint: 21mm. Box Joint: 7.0mm Deep by 9.0mm Wide by 22.0mm Long.
  • Made of High Quality Stainless Steel.
  • Jaws hold tight to prevent slippage and help protect metal from scratching and marring
  • Cushioned, turquoise handles that fit perfectly and naturally
SKU: PLR-1134
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BRAND: Wubbers
MPN: PLR-1134
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