30 Days Of Giveaways

Over $9,000.00 in FREE Tools
Being given away over 30 days, no purchase necessary.

Announcing Micro-Tools First Annual 30 Days of Giveaways!  Between January 31st 2020 and February 29th 2020, we are giving away some amazing tools to our worldwide community. There is one entry form per day and you have six chances each day to be entered to win:

  • Locate the keyword in each of our social media posts and complete the entry form
  • Share the Micro-Tools giveaway YouTube video each day

As every day is a new contest/giveaway, you must submit an entry daily to win each prize package. The keywords and locations will change daily so make sure you are entering the correct keywords.

Links To Retrieve The Keywords From:

  1. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/melissamuir
  2. FaceBook Micro-Tools: https://www.facebook.com/PrecisionHandTools
  3. FaceBook Melissa Muir: https://www.facebook.com/Melissa.Muir.Jewelry.Artist
  4. Instagram Micro-Tools: https://www.instagram.com/themicrotools/
  5. Instagram Melissa Muir: https://www.instagram.com/metalsmithmelissa/ 

Link To: Day 1 Submission Form

A link to the current day’s submission form will be right above here starting Jan 31st, 2020. The link will change daily to reflect that day’s giveaway.

We have one more bonus way for you to win! On March 3rd, we will select 3 different people at random who “liked" and "commented" on our 30 Days of Giveaways social media posts. They will each receive a $100 shopping spree at Micro-Tools.com

Shipping: We pay the first $20 of shipping costs on each prize package. The winner is responsible for any shipping costs exceeding $20 and any local taxes or tariffs.

This offer is void where prohibited by law.




Q:          What is a "Keyword"?
A:          A Keyword is a random unique word that you will see or hear flagged as the "Keyword" for that post.

Q:          Do I have to fill out all 6 entry fields?
A:          NO, you only have to fill in 1 of them. The more you fill out, the more chances you have to win. You may answer whichever ones you like.

Q:          How long do I have to submit the entry?
A:          The entry form will disappear 48 hours after it goes up. So, you have the day the postings go live and the following day to complete the entry.

Q:           When will you announce the winners?
A:           Within 24 hours of closing that day’s submission form.

Q:           How will you notify me if I won?
A:            We will announce the winners on our social media sites.

Q:           Will you ship to countries outside of the USA?
A:            Yes! We pay the first $20 of the shipping cost and you would be responsible for any cost exceeding the $20.

Q:           I’m outside of the USA, what about Duties & Taxes?
A:            We will declare the actual value but list it as a gift. You will be responsible for all local taxes and duties.

Q:           Can I win more than one prize package?
A:            Yes, each day’s prize package is treated as a totally separate giveaway.

Q:           Can I enter once to be included in all 30 giveaways?
A:            No, each day’s giveaway is treated as a separate event, therefore you must enter each day’s giveaway independently.

Q:           When will you ship me the items I won?
A:            We will start shipping the prize packages to the winners within 15 days of winning.

Q:           Do you have a list of what you are giving away what day?
A:            Yes, but it’s a secret. We think you’ll enjoy what we have come up with.


Micro-Tools’ 30 Days of Giveaways Sponsors

Platinum Level - Pepetools, Lindstrom, Melissa Muir 

Gold Level - Beadsmith, Donegan Optical

Silver Level - Brynmorgen Press, Grobet, Knew Concepts, SoftFlex & Xuron