Helping Ukraine

We here at Micro-Tools are so deeply concerned/troubled by all the Ukrainian refugees, we are stepping up to the plate to help. On Thursday April 21st, the manager of Micro-Tools Europe, Klaus Walterbusch, along with his friend Jürgen Wierling, drove through the night to Wielun Poland (the sister city of Ochtrup) to set up a mobile tent kitchen. Along with the kitchen, they took food, sanitary items, cots, sleeping bags and clothes. These were items collected/donated by the residents of Ochtrup, Germany (home of Micro-Tools Europe).

Not being able to physically help due to our location here in the USA, we found a way where we could donate to the cause, having 100% of our donation going directly to help the Ukrainian refugees. With this in mind, we decided to give 10% of all web store and walk in sales for a full week (4/25-5/1/22) to this cause.

You can also donate directly to this cause on your own:

If you want to donate, you can use PayPal and transfer to:
Please add “Help for Ukraine”
The money will be used 100 percent for the Ukraine help. All supporters are volunteers.

(L-R) Darek, the director of the local trade school which supplied student helpers. Jürgen Wierling, (Klaus' co-driver) and Klaus Walterbush, manager of Micro-Tools Europe. 

Some of the components going into the professional tent kitchen. The tent and all components were donated by the organization in Ochtrup in which we will be donating to.

Temporary sleeping quarters located in the Gym of the Wielun Trade School. Refugees are matched up with local families but until they are matched up, they stay here. The cots and supplies seen here were donated by the organization in Ochtrup in which we will be donating to. 

Inside the storage area. 

Kitchen tent being constructed.

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