Lindstrom RX Series Biospring® Instructions & Care

Lindstrom’s RX Series pliers and cutters use a unique Biospring®. The Biospring® reduces tension throughout the working cycle of the tool and can be adjusted in three different positions.

Inserting / Installing the Biospring®

1. Place the slotted wider end of the Biospring® near the receiver slot.

2. Simultaneously push the wide end of spring into receiver slot (arrow 1) and rotate thin knob end up (arrow 2).

3. The spring will make an audible sound when the wide end seats correctly. If you don’t hear the “CLICK” it is not seated all the way and will fall out with use.

4. Then simply insert small knob end of the spring into the other handle at your desired setting.

5. Using the adjustment port closest to the joint will provide a lighter tension and the position furthest from the joint provides the greatest tension.

Care for the Biospring®

If you are storing the RX Series pliers or cutters in a case, with the protective cap installed, or in any way where the tool is held in the closed position, you MUST disconnect the knob end of the Biospring® from the handle. Failing to do so will deform the Biospring®. A deformed Biospring® will not stay in the adjustment port.

New Biospring® (1) compared to a deformed spring (2) which was removed from a pair of pliers that was stored with the handles forced closed and the spring still engaged at both ends.

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