Test Page


**Q :** When will you announce the winners? 
**A :** Within 24 hours of closing that day’s submission form.
Q : How will you notify me if I won?
A : We will announce the winners on our social media sites then we will email you to get your shipping address
Q : I live outside the USA, can I participate?
A : Yes! We pay the first $20 of the shipping cost and you would be responsible for any cost exceeding the $20.
Q : Can I win more than one prize package?
A : Yes, each day’s prize package is treated as a totally separate giveaway.
Q : Can I enter once to be included in all 30 giveaways?
A : No, each day’s giveaway is treated as a separate event, therefore you must enter each day’s giveaway independently.
Q : When will you ship me the items I won?
A : We will start shipping the prize packages to the winners within 15 days of winning.
Q : Do you have a list of what you are giving away what day?
A : Yes, but it’s a secret. We think you’ll enjoy what we have come up with.
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