Rolling Mill 130mm Flat by Pepetools

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Pepe Tools newest family of Rolling Mills, The Ultra Series, made in Oklahoma City, Ok. USA are redesigned for Jewelers and Crafts-people. This series is 30 to 50 percent the weight of Casted Rolling Mills, made from precision steel for ultra strength and durability. Rolling Mills are designed for cold rolling metal to produce thinner gauges of sheet metal and wire, transferring textures to your metal and to make the thickness uniform. Pepe Tools reduction gear ratio of 4:1 allows the rollers to make one complete turn for every four turns of the rolling mill handle. This relieves the amount of force needed to operate the rolling mill. The T bar at the top of the Rolling Mill is used to open or close the rollers. When completely closed the rollers , should measure true cylindrically. This means they should touch with no visible gaps. Should there ever be a gap, meaning the rollers are not true, simply remove the two small screws holding the T bar cover , pull the T bar handle off and turn the large gears to move the roller(s) down until there is no visible gap, making them true, then re-install the T bar and cover.

  • 130mm wide x 65mm diameter Rollers are mirror finished after machining and induction hardened to 65HRC (Rockwell Hardness), maximum opening from 0 - 7.5mm
  • 130mm wide x 42.6 mm diameter rollers are mirror finished after machining and induction Hardened to 65Hrc (Rockwell hardness), maximum opening from 0-5mm
  • All models have a 4:1 Reduction Gear Box machined from aircraft quality aluminum, then anodized black for durability; Precision Hobbed Gears from Solid Steel (not casted gears)
  • Rolling Mill Body is one piece solid construction cast from precision steel for ULTRA strength and durability; Handle is forged, not cast with an ergonomically designed wood handle
  • Easily mounts to your workbench using the mounting holes; Professional Quality at an affordable price and Made in the USA

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