Glue - Pro Seal Thread Lock Red permanent 6 ml

Glue - Pro Seal Thread Lock Red permanent 6 ml

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Pro Lok PermanentPermanent strength red anaerobic threadlocker. Resistant to gasoline, diesel, antifreeze, transmission fluid and oil. Prevents galling and corrosion of threads. Permanently locks and seals metal nuts, bolts and studs. To remove: Apply heat in excess of 300 Deg.F (150 Deg.C) to parts to weaken bond. Resists temperatures from -65 Deg.F to 300 Deg.F (-54 Deg.C to 150 Deg.C). For locking and sealing frame bolts, freeze plugs, wheel studs, cylinder block and rocker arm studs and more. Retains bearings. Works best on: - Metal - Rubber - Most Plastics - Aluminum - Ceramic - China - Wood - Pottery - Jewelry - Fingernails

  • OEM Approved
  • Locks Bolts Studs Bushings and Fasteners
  • Prevents Loosening
  • Use to Retain Bearings Freeze Plugs Rocker Arm & Main Bearing Studs


SKU: 27106
UPC: 050291271061
BRAND: Super Glue
MPN: N27106
Made In: United States

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