Tweezers – Tronex Titanium General Purpose Tweezers: Style 3 • 3-T

Tweezers – Tronex Titanium General Purpose Tweezers: Style 3 • 3-T

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Tronex Model Number: 3-T

International Style: 3

Material: SA: Titanium

Description: Tronex Titanium general purpose tweezers with very fine tips

Finish: Polished

Tips: Very Fine

Tronex Titanium Tweezers are ideal for many clean room, chemical applications and more humid environments. They are a particularly good choice when magnetism is a concern as Titanium is totally non-magnetic. They are also good for handling sensitive components when soldering. Titanium tweezers hold their shape extremely well, are rust proof and can handle very high temperatures.

  • Very light weight (40% lighter than steel)
  • Very strong
  • Totally non-magnetic
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Rust proof
  • Very acid resistant
  • Does not shed particles like steel
  • Temperature resistant up to 800°F
  • Solder does not adhere
SKU: 3-T
UPC: 014891162372
Brand: Tronex
MPN: 3-T
Made In: Pakistan

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