Anti Static Gloves (LG)

Anti Static Gloves (LG)

  • $6.99

Size Large.Breathable Polyester with conductive Carbon fibers woven” Available in sizes: L, XL Sensitive electronics are easily ruined by static discharge. Can you risk loosing data and your equipment to a stray charge when handling film and plastics? Probably not, so slip on these comfortable and reliable static dissipation gloves and work effortlessly. Keep an extra pair in your gadget bag and one set in with your test equipment. Effectiveness is observed through 10-12 washings.

  • Safely handle film, cameras, electronics
  • Added protection when cleaning the sensor on DSLR's
  • Clean Room and Assembly area ready
  • Charge Decay: <0.1 Seconds
  • Surface Resistivity: <108 Reuseable - washable


SKU: 53108
UPC: 646057120386
BRAND: American Recorder
MPN: CO-53108
Made In: China

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