Torx Driver Set, 8Pc

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16Pc Torx Driver Set includes sizes:T3, T4, T5, T6, T8, T10, TP8, TP10 & Acu-Min Multi-Steel Handle. Made in the USA by: Moody Tools, Inc. which offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their tools.

  • Knurled Steel Handles assembled with interchangeable blades
  • Sizes: T-3, T-4, T-5, T-6, T-7, TR-8, T9, TR10
  • Packaged in a 3 1/8” x 5 ½” Teal Vinyl Pouch with clear front and secure flap
SKU: 58-0276
UPC: 018018802769
BRAND: Moody Tools
MPN: 58-0276
Manufactured In: US
D335B N