Anvil Stump

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This tripod shaped anvil stump will work with all of our heavy anvils, and any anvil up to 200 lbs. Versatile height adjustable work center for creative hammering. Use in a variety of ways as a portable working table for forming and shaping. The legs are adjustable in height, allowing you to have a work surface from 22-1/2” tall to 26-1/2”. The anvil stump comes with 4 ”V” shaped brackets for holding anvils in place and a leather tool holder on one side. The work top measures 11-1/4” x 16-3/4”.

Ergonomic design: Stand or sit. The stump is a 7” thick block of laminated pine. This does two things, it deadens the sound and increases hammer rebound while delivering all of the energy to the wok piece. This in turn reduces elbow strain. The fully adjustable legs are aluminum reducing weight making it easy to move. The tripod design ensures no wobbling on uneven floors . Most of the sound is absorbed into the pine stump so little sound is transmitted through the legs making the stump a quiet option for apartment dwellers and classroom use. Traditional tree stumps can be heavy, wobbly and tricky for jewelers who wish to sit and hammer for long periods as they must sit sideways. The Tripod stump design allows the user to sit forward comfortably with feet under the legs for hours.

Anvil and Stake Holders are sold separately. This actual weight of this stump is 40 pounds but do to it's physical size, it will be 72# shipping weight.

UPC: 014891168275
Brand: CCHS
Made In: United States

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