Deb Moffett-Hall's Endless Loom, Weave Bracelets

Deb Moffett-Hall's Endless Loom, Weave Bracelets

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he Deb Moffett-Hall's Endless Loom is a handy alternative to standard looms. Unlike other looms the Endless Loom has no warp ends to tie off and is simple to assemble and easy-to-use. Customize the loom's size to create stretch, clasp, and wrap-style bracelets up to 9 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. Smooth and lightweight wooden loom parts. Each Kit Includes: Loom End Bars, Loom Sizing Rods: 5 Bracelet Sets and 1 Ornament Set, Easement / Tension Rods for Different Bead Sizes and Shapes, Latex-free Elastic Bands for Quick Loom Assembly, Durable Roll-up Case with Convenient Storage, Detailed Instructions.


UPC: 790524338467
BRAND: Beadsmith
Made In: China

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