Mallet Rawhide Weighted, 1 1/2in. Face Dia, 12oz

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Perfect for shaping, bending, and forming of precious metals. They are designed to prevent scratching or marring of the metal, thus assuring the quality of the finished piece. They are excellent for work-hardening, flattening, smoothing metal. For applications where a heavier tap or strike is necessary, a weighted rawhide mallet is recommended. Designed with extra strength, these lead-weighted mallets give the user a heavier, balanced blow when striking. Made with screws rather then nails or staples to secure the rawhide roll. Hand-crafted in the USA from the finest water buffalo hides hickory handles.
  • Head: 3”
  • Face Diameter: 1-1/2”
  • Weight: 12oz
SKU: B-HA008
UPC: 697622110080
BRAND: Garland
MPN: HA008