Screwdriver - Ball Tip Hex, Xlong, 4mm

  • $9.65

Bondhus 3760 Extra Long 4mm X 10.5” (blade length under handle) Balldrive Screwdriver has two component handle with tough thermoplastic core for strengh and resistance to splitting. Molded-on rubber coating for superior grip. Handle shape prevents rolling on surfaces up to 15° slope. Bondhus handles are designed and sized to match the torque capacity of each size blade tip. Slight texture helps retain grip even with wet or oily hands. Protanium High Torque steel is a Bondhus exclusive and is 20 percent stronger with twice the wear resistance of standard steels. ProGuard Corrosion-resistant finish is 5 times more resistant than competitor finishes. Lifetime Guaranteed!
  • 3760 Extra Long 4mm X 10.5”
  • Lifetime Guaranteed!
SKU: B03760
UPC: 037231037604
BRAND: Bondhus
MPN: 03760
Manufactured In: US