5/32” BriteGuard Plated Ball End L-wrench (Carded)

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5/32” BriteGuard Plated Stubby Balldriver L-wrench. Length: 4.2” Balldriver Screwdrivers feature ergonomically designed ComfortGrip handles. This handle includes a hard thermoplastic core for strength and split resistance, and a soft rubber outer coating to ensure maximum comfort and grip. Only available from Bondhus, Protanium steel blades mean these are the strongest ballpoints available. These screwdrivers provide the greatest time savings for maintenance, assembly, and adjustment of hexagonal socket screws. The handles are proportioned to provide maximum torque without breakage.

  • Ball End inserts into a screw at a 25degree angle
  • Ball End saves time by quickly funneling tool into screw
  • 25degree angle allows natural hand and wrist movement
  • Works in hard to reach places
SKU: B16909
UPC: 037231169091
BRAND: Bondhus
MPN: 16909
Manufactured In: US
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