T20 Torx T-Handle - 6.9” (1pc Bulk)

  • $5.85

Bondhus Individual Size T20 Star T Handle Driver, also known as a Torx Wrench or Driver. This is the same wrench included in the Bondhus 33034 T Handle Set. The graduated length of these wrenches varies according to the size of the wrench. The length of this T20 wrench is 6.9” or 174MM total length. Usable portion is going to be appriximately 1” or 25MM less. And just like all Bondhus Tools, Guaranteed For Life!

  • Size T20
  • Lifetime Guaranteed
  • Bulk - 1 Piece
SKU: B33020-1
UPC: 037231030209
BRAND: Bondhus
MPN: 33020-1
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