T9 ProHold Torx Bit 2” 3mm stock size w/ ¼” Dr Socket

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T9 Star Bit x 2” with ¼” DR socket - 3/32” stock size. Bondhus ProHold socket bits are designed to be strong and save time and money. Our unique holding buttons”snap” the bit securely into any six point socket, allowing the tool user to buy just the bit, rather than an expensive socket and bit assembly. Bondhus ProHold socket bits do not require use of roll pins or set screws to hold the bit in the socket. Bondhus exclusive manufacturing processes ensure the highest level of machining consistency as each ProHold socket bit is machined to incredibly tight tolerances. All Bondhus ProHold socket bits are manufactured from Bondhus exclusive Protanium Steel, which is up to 20-percent stronger than competitor tools, and finished with it's proprietary ProGuard corrosion resistant finish. ProHold socket bits are protected by US and foreign patents, ensuring ProHold socket bits are only available from Bondhus.
  • Fits all Star and TORX
  • Chamfered tool tips eliminate burrs and help tools seat in screw hea
  • Sharp corners transfer more torque to the screw and reduce stripping
  • Precision machined for ease of use and superior fit
SKU: B44009
UPC: 037231440091
BRAND: Bondhus
MPN: 44009
Manufactured In: US