Hex - 3/16” ProHold Ball End L-wrench (Carded)

  • $2.50

3/16” Length: 4.5” ProHold(TM) Balldriver L-wrenches hold screws snug on tool and do not interfere with tool rotation. Stripping does not occur when pressure is applied to the non-magnetic ProHold tip. Save time using the ballpoint on the long arm to reach remote and blind locations. The short arm allows for high torque and features a precision tip that permits unobstructed screw entry every time. Only available from Bondhus, Protanium steel means these are the strongest tools available. Bondhus Balldriver L-wrench Hex tools allow you to work at an angle, making the job easier. Unique non-magnetic button does not weaken tool or strip screw, but holds screw snug without interfering with tool rotation.
  • Holds screw tight on the tool EVERY TIME
  • Button is non-magnetic
  • Super smooth rotational action, with no interference from the ProHold® button
  • Tool strength is not compromised by the ProHold® button
SKU: B75710
UPC: 037231757106
BRAND: Bondhus
MPN: 75710
Manufactured In: US