Beadalon 19 Black .012” 30ft.

  • $8.40

Specifically developed for bead stringing Designer Series Beadalon 19 is an ideal choice for creating treasures with seed beads freshwater pearls and ceramic glass and stone beads. Contains 19 strands of strong stainless steel. Nylon-coated for increased kink and abrasion resistance Beadalon 19 is easy to work with -no needle necessary- super-strong and renders secure jewelry that lasts! Made in USA.

  • Ideal for stringing ceramic, glass, metal and stone beads, seed beads and pearls
  • 19 strands of strong, stainless steel wire, nylon coated and abrasion resistant
  • Made in the USA
  • Black; 1 spool
  • 0.012”; Fine; 30 feet long
SKU: BDC-315-12
UPC: 654207111221
BRAND: Beadalon
MPN: BDC-315.12
Manufactured In: US
K043G+ N