Bench Pin - StudioFlux

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The StudioFlux Bench Pin, by Thomas Mann, gives the maximum amount of support needed for sucessful sawing. Unlike standard bench pins, the StudioFlux Bench Pin is designed to be utilized on top of your workbench, giving you a flat, continuous surface needed for good sawing.

  • Bench top screw holes: Mount into the bench top fo a secure and flat sawing surface
  • Round & oblong sawing slot: Ideal for sawing small parts that would be difficult to hold in the V-Slot
  • C-Clamp: Optional method of attaching to work bench
  • Square & half round filing support: Provide backstop support for filing objects in a variety of shapes - wire, rod, or sheet
SKU: BPN-200-00
UPC: 654207123019
BRAND: StudioFlux
MPN: BPN-200.00
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