JOOLTOOL Compound Large Bar 5.75oz

  • $18.99

It’s Anie’s secret to the most outstanding finishes!  This super-high-quality compound polishes almost any metal and works great on some plastics too. It is smooth enough for polishing gold yet tough enough on platinum & stainless steel.For best results, use with the SEE-THRU™ Felt disc. It can also be used on JOOLTOOL's Premium Cotton Buffing Wheels too.

Available in: Large Bar 5.75oz (163g), or Small Bar 1oz (28g)

Automotive applications: Great for polishing pretty much anything: it’s excellent on metal knobs, emblems, valves, valve covers, brackets, suspension parts and anywhere you need a super high-polished finish. It also works great for polishing plastic headlight housings when used with JOOLTOOL's “Fluffy” Premium Cotton Buffing Wheels.

Jewelry applications: Excellent for the final finish on gold, silver, stainless steel, platinum & more! Gives a showcase-quality finish, every time!

Woodworking applications: Perfect for the highest polish on tool edges: polish turning gouges and carving tools for the smoothest cut ever!

Home improvement & Hobby applications: Polish anything & everything: faucets, brass antiques, spoons, silverware, etc. and other metals up to a super high luster!


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Made In: United States

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