DeoxIT for Batteries, Cleaner & Rejuvenator

DeoxIT for Batteries, Cleaner & Rejuvenator

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All battery terminals/connections over time deteriorate from oxidization and corrosion, causing reduced performance and eventually total failure. DeoxIT cleans, rejuvenates and protects ALL electrical connections. Using DeoxIT results in brighter lights, extended battery life, improved sound & video quality and faster and reliable data. Easy and Safe to Use: Turn off equipment. Apply a small amount to connections on the battery, charger or other metal connections. Wipe off excess. If surface is extremely dirty, a greenish or blackish color may develop over a few days. This is the dissolved contamination. Wipe off with lint-free swab or cloth and re-apply DeoxIT. Contains: 100% DeoxIT D100L. Nonflammable, Non-toxic and Non-hazardous.

  • Clean and rejuvenate battery connections
  • Clean and improve charger connections
  • Get the most out of your batteries


SKU: D100L-B2C
UPC: 697429002441
BRAND: Caig Laboratories
MPN: D100L-B2C
Made In: United States

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