Dust-Aid Platinum w/ Protective Case, Cleaning Wand

Dust-Aid Platinum w/ Protective Case, Cleaning Wand

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The Platinum DSLR Cleaner will clean any sensor filter no matter its coating or internal dust removal system (IDRS) filter housing. Its platinum cured cleaning silicone can also be cleaned with specially made cleaning strips to extend its cleaning life span. One of the biggest features with the Platinum cleaner is its ability to have it s cleaning silicone repeatedly cleaned free of accumulated dust and fibers. The Platinum cleaner comes with 6 silicone cleaning applications and with the purchase of additional cleaning strips the life span of the Platinum could be extended indefinitely. The cleaning adhesive used to clean the Platinum silicone has been developed and tested not to transfer any of the adhesive to the silicone. The Platinum DSLR Cleaner is made from a specially manufactured platinum cured silicone that does not use any molds or mold release agents in its creation. This eliminates the chance of mold release agents permanently bonding and contaminating the silicone when it s molded. The silicone used has a patent pending micro texture on the cleaning surface which helps to stop the formation of a vacuum seal when it s applied to a cleaning surface. When the silicone is depressed on a surface the micro texture flattens out and adheres to any dust or fibers. Then, when the pressure is released the micro texture flexes back into place and allows air in, breaking the vacuum seal. This helps to reduce the adhesion strength and impact of the cleaning. Note - Dust-Aid has eliminated every possible contamination to the cleaning silicone and have designed the cleaning silicone not to transfer its internal oils to a surface when applied in a straight up and down manner. However, if the cleaning silicone is accidently dragged or twisted and leaves residue, it can easily be removed with the Dust-Wand kit.

  • Dry Method of Sensor Cleaning
  • Unique platinum cured silicone designed for optic applications.
  • Safe to use on cameras with internal dust removal systems
  • No liquids or chemicals used to clean surfaces
  • Silicone designed to leave no residue when used properly


UPC: 858061001050
BRAND: Dust-Aid

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