DigitalDuster Refill Kit - 15 Small Wands and .25oz Solution

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DItalDuster Refill Kit The DigitalDuster Refill Kit provides you with everythingyou need to continue cleaning your digital SLR sensor safely and effectively. A wet/dry double sided wand eliminates all small dust particles and chemically bonded debris. This quick drying formula is alcohol free and safe for all air travel. SensorSolution is”100 percent Safe” for all CCD and CMOS sensors, including the new ITO(Indium Tin Oxide) coated sensors. One (1) .25 oz. bottle included.
  • Includes 15 small (16-mm) Sensor Safe wands and .25 oz Sensor Solution
UPC: 750324102217
BRAND: Delkin
Manufactured In: US