Diamond Bur Fine

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For use in high-speed air driven turbo handpieces with a range up to 80 000 RPM. The quality is excellent with diamond particles electroplated onto surgical-grade stainless steel. Shanks are 1.6mm -1/16- in diameter with an average length of 20mm -¾-.

  • Great for use in high-speed air driven turbo hand pieces when carving stone, ceramics and more
  • Made of surgical grade stainless steel with electroplated diamond particles
  • Packaged in box of 6
  • Fine (120/140) grit
  • 1.6mm (1/16”) in diameter; 20mm (¾”) long
SKU: DIB-722-50
UPC: 654207147985
BRAND: Euro Tool
MPN: DIB-722.50
Manufactured In: TW
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