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6″ Guillotine Shear

The all new 6″ Guillotine Shear from Durston Tools, our revised design provides a simple but effective improvement. Whilst jewellery guillotine shears have been sold for many years their design has changed very little. Despite many products being on the market, until now nobody has considered the advantages of increasing the versatility of the cutting guide. We believe that this modification will prove to be extremely useful to end users and will provide a guillotine with improved flexibility and accuracy in use. Our new guillotines use the same traditional way of cutting as our famous 6″ guillotine shear which has been in production for over 20 years and now benefits from these amazing new features.

Our new Guillotine Range also includes a 4″ and 12″ model. The new 6″ Guillotine Shear has been hugely upgraded when compared to the previous model and any other Guillotine of its kind. Users can now cut even wider material than before even at 45° thanks to the unique design table and guide which allows wider sheet metal to be fed through the Guillotine without being obstructed by the main body of the tool. This has been a massive design flaw with other typical designs on the market, Durston has now designed and made the solution.

Other new features include an upgraded backstop with smooth bearing guides that can be tightened by hand for quick lock and release. No movement, gives precise repeat cuts as many times as you need.

Also a Square Drive System with patent-pending rack and pinion. This system ensures maximum torque is transferred right from the pull down bar through to the blade, older models typically have a round shaft connection and drive starting from the base of the lever which are more susceptible to wear and movement, now all the power is transferred directly to the blade. This system results in maximum torque, giving a smoother cut with less force.

Durston 6″ Guillotine Shear Features

  • Ideal for cutting both large and small pieces of sheet metal up to 306mm wide
  • Cut angles up to 60° in 5° increments
  • Cut wide sheet at 45°
  • Adjustable, built-in mitre gauge and ruler
  • Hardened and Tempered cutting blade, The blade has four cutting edges, up to 20000 cuts
  • Upgraded Square Drive System
  • Unique Design Stainless Steel Table supports the metal as it is fed into the cutting area
  • Strong and durable with a rigid, cast-iron body
  • Mounting Holes to secure to any work surface
  • Made in the UK
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SKU: DUR-1207
UPC: 196943880257
Brand: Durston
MPN: 1207
Made In: United Kingdom

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