Same as FG-500 in Kit Form

Same as FG-500 in Kit Form

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Same as FG-500 in Kit Form. Easy to build deluxe kit produces sine, square, and sawtooth waveforms. Perfect for a variety of audio applications. Continuously variable from 1 Hz to 100kHz. Maximim output: 2.5 volts peak to peak. Comes complete with all parts, PC board, solder, detailed instruction manual, and deluxe case. Requires 9V battery, not included. Net weight: 1 lb. (Kit, Assembly Required)

  • Provides sine, square or saw tooth waveforms continuously variable 1Hz to 1MHz
  • Amplitude adjustable to 3V peak-to peak
  • Complete w/ all parts, parts, PC board, schematic and deluxe case w/ handle
  • Extensive assembly manual; available assembled model FG-500


SKU: FG-500K
UPC: 756619001623
BRAND: Elenco
MPN: FG-500K
Made In: United States

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