DeoxITGOLD GxL, Liquid, UV Tracer Dye

DeoxITGOLD GxL, Liquid, UV Tracer Dye

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DeoxIT GOLD GxL, Liquid, UV Tracer Dye.100 percent solution, 944 mL Extended Temperature: -45 C to +310 C UV Tracer Dye (Use Long Wave UV at 365nm), DeoxIT GOLD GxL (formerly ProGold GxL) - The DeoxIT GOLD GxL (formerly ProGold GxL) product line is back. Evidentally, many companies have specs to only use DeoxIT GOLD GxL, especially in the aerospace industry. For most applications the standard DeoxIT GOLD G100L will be more than adequate. Please select DeoxIT GOLD to make your product choices. To evaluate our new avionics DeoxIT GOLD Gx2 product (-40 C to +500 C). Please select DeoxIT GOLD Gx2. DeoxIT GOLD is a unique conditioning solution that improves conductivity and provides long-lasting protection on gold, base metals and other precious metal contacts and connections (gold, silver, rhodium, copper, bronze, nickel, etc.). Use on plated connectors, contacts and metal surfaces for maximum performance and protection. Recommended for critical applications where only slight cleaning action is necessary. If the surface looks clean, applying DeoxIT first is usually not necessary. DeoxIT GOLD is designed to dissolve small amounts of oxidation. Apply DeoxIT GOLD after DeoxIT on plated metal surfaces, except where noted with DeoxIT SHIELD below. The more critical the connection or part, especially low current applications, ProGold should be the final step. For reference, DeoxIT GOLD GxL has approximately 0.5 percent cleaning action. KEY FEATURES: Improves Conductivity Maintains Optimum Signal Quality Protects Base Metals from Oxidation Prevents Dendrite and Fretting Corrosion Forms Protective Anti-Tarnishing Layer Reduces Arcing, RFI and Intermittent Connections Reduces Wear and Abrasion Temperature Range, -45 C to +310 C - DeoxIT - Contact Cleaner & Rejuvenator - Brings Old Systems Back to Life! DeoxIT GOLD - Contact Enhancer & Protector - Maintains New System Performance! DeoxIT SHIELD - Contact Protector - Maintains New System Performance in Severe Environments!

  • Maintains Optimum Signal Quality
  • Protects Base Metals from Oxidation
  • Prevents Dendrite and Fretting Corrosion
  • Forms Protective Anti-Tarnishing Layer


SKU: GX100L-32UV-F
BRAND: Caig Laboratories
MPN: GX100L-32UV-F
Made In: United States

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