Square Texture Hammer

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The Square Artisan's Mark Texture Hammer offers two different textures.  The larger, square face of the hammer has indented lines that are loosely parallel to each other.   The narrow face has a different linear pattern that is also indented.  The narrow face makes it easy to masterfully create unique borders on the edge of your metal - borders that actually complement the pattern of the square face.  Layer the textures, and enjoy experimenting to see how many different looks you can create with just one hammer!


About our NEW Artisan's Mark Shaped Texturing Hammers:

The patent pending Wubbers Artisan's Mark Shaped Texture Hammers are different from any other jewelry making hammers on the market.  Recognized for innovation and quality, Wubbers is proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on the Artisan's Mark Hammers.   The Artisan's Mark series has been carefully designed, with handles that are ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand.  The gentle curves of the handle encourage the correct grip.  Handmade from high quality white oak, the handles are durable as well as beautiful.  

Artisan's Mark Hammers are also perfectly balanced.  The narrow neck on the upper part of the handle offers a slight flexibility when striking.  The head of the hammer is pinned through the wood of the handle, making this hammer secure and safe to use.  Smaller in size, the Artisan's Mark Hammers are perfect for detailed work.   The shapes now available include square, oval, and two triangle designs.   Wubbers is proud to introduce these new hammers to all levels of jewelry makers!

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