12 pc. Accessory Kit for HDP-375.50

  • $19.95

Includes one each: #20 Red Stone Abrasive ¾” Wheel Brush - Stiff ¾” Wheel Brush - Medium Bud Felt Bob Knife Edge Felt Bob 2.3mm Cup Bur 1.0mm 3/32” Shank Twist Drill 1.5mm 3/32” Shank Twist Drill ¼” End Brush - Stiff ¾” Mini Brass Brush Cone Silicone Fine Polisher Knife-Edge Silicone Fine Polisher

  • Great for use with a motorized handpiece like HDP-150.00
  • Includes a variety of 3/32” shank instruments
  • 12 pieces come with a handy wood bench storage block
  • Includes: Red stone abrasive, 2 wheel brushes, 2 felt bobs and cup bur
  • Also, includes: 2 shank twist drills, end brush, mini brass brush, and 2 polishers
SKU: HDP-375-90
UPC: 654207166405
BRAND: Euro Tool
MPN: HDP-375.90
Manufactured In: US
B514C N