Koh HEPA Jet Air Blower

Koh HEPA Jet Air Blower

  • $30.99

Ok so you have seen a blower before but probably none like this. How many times have you pointed a blower at your camera's sensor and thought that you were blowing clean particle free air? Chances are the air coming out of your blower was not clean dust-free air. Koh Global has successfully solved this problem. Hepa Jet Air filters the air moving into the back of the blower and is equipped with a one way valve in the nozzle to completely keep unfiltered air out of the blowing system. Jet Air assures that you are moving air in the cleanest possible way.

  • HEPA Filtered Blower
  • Smooth Ergonomic Bulb
  • True One Way Check Valves, Powerful air blasts
  • Compact and detachable for easy packing


UPC: 798304041460
Made In: United States

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