Optivisor LX Series Headband Magnifier (Made in USA)

Optivisor LX Series Headband Magnifier (Made in USA)

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The OptiVISOR LX is perfect for anyone whose profession or craft requires close accurate work with both hands free.

  • Lightweight lenses and tough materials are designed to last a lifetime.
  • Optical prismatic lenses from precision ground and highly polished molds.
  • Adjustable side pivots allow the visor to tilt at your fingertips.
  • Dial adjustment headband conforms to comfortably fit all head sizes.
  • Genuine leather padded comfort band with orthopedic felt for extra comfort.

OptiVISOR LX Specs

Item No. Focal Length Magnification
LX3      14″ 1.75 times
LX4      10″ 2 times
LX5       8″ 2.5 times
LX7       6″ 2.75 times

Order OptiVISOR®  in any of these six lens options:

As seen by
normal vision


Item No. LX-3


Item No. LX-4


Item No. LX-5


Item No. LX-7


Item No. LP-1

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