TEKTON Long Handle Wire Brush

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TEKTON Long Handle Wire Brush. Heavy Duty 13” Poly Fingergrip Handle, Tempered Carbon Steel Bristles, 3 x 19 Wire Bristle Configuration, Galvanized Steel Scraper Loosens Tough Material, Removes Rust, Paint, and Dirt to Prepare Rough Surfaces for Paint and Other Finishes.

  • Heavy Duty High-Visibility Polycast Handle
  • Hardened and Tempered Steel Wire Bristles
  • 3 Rows by 19 Rows of Wire Bristle Bundles
  • 13-½” Overall Length
SKU: MIT-7073
UPC: 020209070734
BRAND: Tekton
MPN: 7073
Manufactured In: CN
F241F+! N