Magnifier - LED/UV Illuminated, Handheld, Folding Stand, 3x

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This illuminated handheld magnifier has a rubberized black body, contour grip, and integrated folding stand. The optical glass lens is 3x and 2”x2” It has 5 super bright white LEDs and 1 UV bulb (UV wavelength: 395-400nm). The on/off switch has two functions: slide up - LEDs on, slide down - UV light on. It requires 2AAA batteries (not included).
  • Optical Glass Lens Magnification: 3x Lens Size: 2” x 2” Dimensions: 7-¾” x 3-3/8” x ¾” 5 Super Bright White LEDs 1 UV Bulb: 395-400nm 2 Function Slide On/Off Swtich -á-á - Slide Up: LEDs On -á-á - Slide Down: UV Light O
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