Pliers - Wubbers- XLarge Round Mandrel 12,15mm

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Wubbers X-Large Round Mandrels add two new sizes of circles that you can use to quickly make large tubes or even your own rings easily out of sheet metal. Coil from 28 to 12 gauge wire with these strong tools without having to worry about putting any pressure on your hands or wrists. The pliers do all the work so that the tool – not your wrist – provides all the leverage needed to effortlessly bend even 12 gauge wire

  • Measure approximately 6.75” long with a 15mm large jaw, and a 12mm small jaw
  • Length of each jaw is 33mm
  • Cushioned turquoise handles are extra-comfortable and easy on your hands
  • 3 tips included
  • Tips included: 45 degree edging point, small reamer and large reamer
SKU: PLR-1304
UPC: 654207221449
BRAND: Wubbers
MPN: PLR-1304
Manufactured In: PK
H052D Y