Pliers - Wubbers, Oval - Small

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The Wubbers Small Oval Mandrel Pliers are perfect for making your own small oval jump rings for securely linking jewelry components. They also create the most beautiful little arcs. The wider side of the jaw forms gentle swoops while the narrower end of the jaws can create more pronounced arches. The non-tapered jaws give matching curves with perfect angles each time without having to measure for consistency. The style of the handles makes these pliers easy to control and they are engineered to help prevent hand fatigue.

  • Approximately 6.75” long with a 4.5mm x 3mm large jaw and a 3mm x 2mm small jaw
  • Designed for working with wire up to 16 gauge
SKU: PLR-1560
UPC: 654207220237
BRAND: Wubbers
MPN: PLR-1560
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