Pliers - 4 ½” Narrow Jaw Flat Nose

  • $7.95

An extra narrow flat nose pliers has been requested many times. This model with PVC grips and dual-leaf springs is perfect for smaller jobs especially making 90° angles with wire. With sturdy box joint jaws the nose tapers to a thin 2.2mm making it perfect for finer applications. Material is brushed stainless for long life. Length 4-½ -115mm-.

  • Great for jewelry projects and when working with wire
  • Made of brushed stainless for long life with black PVC handles
  • Includes dual-leaf springs with sturdy box joint jaws
  • Nose tapers to a thin 2.2mm
  • 4-½” (115mm) long
SKU: PLR-491-36
UPC: 654207183907
BRAND: Euro Tool
MPN: PLR-491.36
Manufactured In: PK
L062O Y